Emory United Methodist Church
Tuesday, November 21, 2017




Missions and Outreach is dedicated to serving those in need within our church, our community and our world!
We are very active with “The Families in Need” program through NESAP in Hampstead. Every year we sponsor 6 families in our community for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This includes a church wide food drive and grocery gift certificates to help to complete the meal. In addition, we provide gifts of needed items to be placed under the Christmas tree for these families.
Church Visitations and one of our favorite old-time traditions, Christmas Caroling, keep us connected to some of our members and shut-ins who can no longer join us for worship. A phone call, a note or a visit can really brighten up someone’s day.
From a global perspective, we have for the past 15 years participated in a mission in India, “The Ellestries Ministry” and have contributed to the care and education of children in that region. An extension of this program is our “pickle jar” which has taught the children of our church to share what they have with other children who are less fortunate.
Since 2014, we have participated in a local ministry "Loaves and Fishes" feeding the needy in Westminster, MD.
We have also participated and supported “The Least of These Ministries.” This is a program based around serving the Haitian refugees in the Dominican Republic. Some of the projects have included the building of schools, medical clinics, homes, churches, and latrines for the people living in the bateys. The heart and soul of this program is the distribution of rice and beans to these communities who face poverty, injustices and hunger each and every day. So far we have sent teams to the Dominican 8 times and we have helped build a school in Barahona and here is our story about this important mission:
This is a story about a small little church that sits up on the windy hill on Emory Road in Upperco, MD. This is a story about some of the people who are a part of EMORY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH.
We are a very busy, very active church. Our ministries, just like many of the churches in our area include nurturing our own members and our local community and supporting our conference; and in doing so supporting world missions. But this little Methodist church on the windy hill, has answered the invitation to be a part of serving God’s people in a remote area in the Dominican Republic. In 2005, eleven members from Emory Church joined “The Least of These Ministries” and traveled 1500 miles to serve the Haitian refugees living in the Bateys in the western region of the Dominican Republic. After several trips, and as a result of loving and caring relationships that were formed, we made a commitment to re-build a Sunday school room that was attached to a wonderful Methodist church in the city of Barahona, Dominican Republic. 
It really all started with a broken wooden bench and some rusty nails. We were visiting Pastor Elias’ church and were invited to join the children for Sunday school. They were so excited to have the Americanas spend time with them. The benches, which were the only furniture in the room, were cracked and falling apart and had rusty nails attempting to hold them together. The room was small and crowded and in very poor condition. However, what was not in poor condition were the children and the teacher. They were happy and excited to be in Sunday school. Isn’t that the way it is suppose to be? We went back a few more trips and we were working on construction in the bateys with “The Least of These Ministries” and helping with the distribution of beans and rice, and growing closer to our brothers and sisters in the Dominican. But the image of that broken bench and those beautiful children was never far from our hearts. 
So, after some careful planning and a lot of prayer, and faith that God was leading us into action, we were able to put together a group of loving, caring folks from Emory Church, along with some additional friends and we formed our first team for the rebuilding of this Sunday school in Jan 2007.
We were given an opportunity……….. we accepted the challenge.
We thought that we would be replacing the old broken down school room, and maybe even making it two rooms! It so happens that the pastor of this little church is also an engineer so we knew he would be able to instruct us of exactly what he wanted. I remember the blueprints!!! It was not one, two, or even three rooms.
This building would be a two story, eight classroom school for the children of this community in Barahona, Dominican Republic.
I remember year one, starting from the ground up and then the first row of block, followed by the second, and third, and row by row, up went the walls.
There were buckets and buckets of concrete mix and truck loads of concrete block.
We would lay the lines, lay the rebar, tie the rebar, over and over again. We worked hard and we worked together.
I remember year two, and three, and four, and five…………….. 
And now in 2011 this project is in the finishing stages…….but in reality this is just the beginning.
Those broken benches and rusty nails…….. that image, that experience we will remember forever.
But now, in that same place, those same children who were so careful to protect us from these dangers, those same children will fill these classrooms, they will attend school and learn and grow. This is a new beginning and we are blessed to have shared in this opportunity.
All are invited to join us and participate as we serve one another in Christ’s name.
 DR Mission Trip